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Garant.Live is Garant Gruppe’s online platform, one of the largest HR (employment mediation) agencies with more than 17 offices across Germany.

The most complete offer

Full Support

Full support starting with inital contact, documentation, learning language, job interview, application

The best companies

We have contracts, only, with the best and the most renowned companies across Germany.

Housing issue

We provide housing, and help with housing issues. We, also, help with legal application and community integration within large Garant Gruppe.

Job for family

We know that your family is your everything, so we have created a program for family members employment.

How does Garant.Live work?

It is really important to know that Garant.Live, in cooperation with Garant Gruppe, offers the most complete program of employment in Germany. From the initial contact, administrative support, employment, housing, to bringing your family member to Germany. All you have to do is follow these three steps:

Keep track of ads

Garant.Live is present on the web and all, relevant, social media. Follow, ask, share with friends. You're one step away from job in Germany.

All Ads

Read the details

Every ad brings a lot of suitability for you, or your family member. Read in detail or contact us to clarify things for your. The only important thing is that you want that job.

I want more information

Apply right away!

Fill out the online form and you have applied for the job. Our team will contact you and go over terms and we will help you take the next steps. Our team is there for you and your family.

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Očekujte naš poziv u vezi zaposlenja. Želite preporučiti Garant.Live vašim članovima obitelji i prijateljima? Mnogo nam znači vaša preporuka!


Expect our call regarding employment. Do you want to recommend Garant.Live to your family members and friends. We would really appreciate it!

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For you, your family and friends

Jobs tailored to workers

I want a job in Germany

By sending information using forms on Garant.live platform I accept Terms of use and I am compliant to be contacted with a purpose of employment.

Our team is a big story

Garant family - our stories

Garant is big family


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